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CLEAN-SEAS will Clean up and Convert Waste Plastic into Clean Energy at its Pilot Plant in Hyderabad

Promoting a Plastic Free Hyderabad

Clean-Seas India Pvt Ltd (CSI), is partnered with the Hyderabad, India Marathon on Sunday, August 28, 2022 working with its organizers to collect waste plastic and  process it at CSI’s waste plastic-to-energy conversion plant in Hyderabad.

CSI’s support of the Hyderabad Marathon builds upon its inaugural annual, “Plastic Free Hyderabad” (PFH) initiative announced in June 2022, which coincides with World Ocean Day and serves as a joint effort with various NGOs and schools throughout the City to free it of waste plastic by converting it into clean energy. Both PFH and the Marathon serve to increase awareness about the waste plastic crisis – and the cost effective next-generation technologies now available to solve it.

Clean Vision CEO Dan Bates, himself a fitness enthusiast, said, “We strongly support the physical and mental health benefits of fun and friendly competitions such as this marathon and its 5k and10k events. It is also important to us to contribute to helping to make Hyderabad a cleaner city by converting its waste plastic into clean energy and valuable commodities at our local pilot pyrolysis plant. It is our intent to support local clean-up and plastic pollution awareness programs wherever we establish a PCN  conversion facility.”

The CSI pilot pyrolysis plant, a collaborative venture with the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), is currently in production and continually being optimized by CSI engineers to increase its output of low sulfur diesel and AquaH TM hydrogen fuels -- as well as to support optimizing and commercializing the Clean-Seas EcoCell fuel cell to store hydrogen. The pilot plant can handle up to one and a half tons of waste plastic daily.

“While the many plastic “clean-ups” commonly organized at cities and beaches around the world are a great start and show grassroots support, the elephant in the room remains:


‘After being picked up, where does that waste plastic go?’


Through this and similar initiatives, Clean-Seas answers that question directly, visibly, with our state-of-the-art technology,” said Mr. Venkat Kumar Tangirala, President of CSI.

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