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Clean-Seas is a subsidiary of Clean Vision Corporation  (CNLV), a holding company that acquires and operates sustainable clean tech and green energy businesses. 

A Triple Bottom Line company, we measure our impact on People, Profit & the Planet.


Clean-Seas works  with local partners to develop solutions tailored to each community’s unique needs, leveraging “Best in class” solutions.

Dan Bates, President & CEO

Serial entrepreneur with extensive start-up experience. 10+ years in the renewable energy sector, selling products into the developing countries of the world.


Daniel Harris, VP  Business Development

Daniel Harris has over 18 years of experience in the competitiveenergy space, focusing on large commercial installations of renewable energy systems (integrated wind and solar).


Venkat Kumar Tangirala, Managing Director

Clean-Seas, India Pvt. Ltd.

20 years of business experience playing a management roles in different verticals.


John Yonce, Director  Business Development

Three decades of global experience building social-impact businesses and nonprofits.


Christopher Galazzi, Director Business Development

30 year veteran of strategic market entry and early-stage technology business development.


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